Oxidized Copper 14" Vajradhara Buddha Statue - Front
Oxidized Copper 14" Vajradhara Buddha Statue - Front Oxidized Copper 14" Vajradhara Buddha Statue - Right Oxidized Copper 14" Vajradhara Buddha Statue - Left Oxidized Copper 14" Vajradhara Buddha Statue - Back

Oxidized Copper 14″ Vajradhara Buddha Statue

SGD 3,499.00 SGD 2,129.00

Statue Identity: Vajradhara Buddha Statue, Vajra Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 14″, Width: 9.25″, Depth: 6″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Antiquated
Production Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy
Shipping Weight: 5500 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollars

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Our Vajradhara Buddha statue sits in full lotus pose on a single lotus pedestal. Additionally, he holds the vajra in his right hand and the ghanta bell in his left hand. Also, his hands are crossed in the vajra or “diamond” mudra. The vajra symbol in his right hand is used by Hindu kings when they are engaged in battle.

However, in Buddhism the vajra is a symbol that represents the masculine aspect of compassion or skillful means. The ghanta bell is the feminine symbol for wisdom. It is the eternal union of compassion and wisdom which defines the state of enlightenment. Also known as the “State of Vajradhara”. 

Our Vajradhara Buddha statue is a depiction of the primordial Buddha according to the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Additionally, he is the Tantric form of Shakyamuni Buddha. Vajradhara often appears in his Sambhogakaya form dressed elaborately in fine robes, jewels and a Bodhisattva crown. This Vajradhara Buddha statue also depicts him with the ushnisha topknot, elongated ears and the three necklines which are the markings of high social class in ancient India.

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