Oxidized Copper 19" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Front
Oxidized Copper 19" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Right Oxidized Copper 19" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Left Oxidized Copper 19" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Back

Oxidized Copper 19″ Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue

SGD 7,999.00 SGD 5,039.00

Statue Identity: Crowned Amitabha Buddha, Dhyana Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 19″, Width: 16″, Depth: 13″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Oxidized Copper Alloy
Shipping Weight: 20000 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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All of our Amitabha Buddha statues were crafted with experience that was centuries in the making. The master craftsman that completed this sculpture included an antiquated finish. The low luster gives our Crowned Amitabha Buddha statue an air of regality. Additionally, the crown and jewels that adorn Amitabha Buddha feature elegant detail and precision. 

Buddha of Infinite Light

Amitabha Buddha accumulated infinite amounts of merit during his many Bodhisattva lifetimes. As a result, he is known as the Buddha of infinite light. Additionally, Amitabha has similar origins as Shakyamuni Buddha. This is because in a past life he also renounced his kingdom and chose to live in exclusion of the material world.

Dhyana Mudra

Our Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue is depicted using the classic Dhyana mudra. This mudra is displayed with both hands in the lap with the right hand resting on top of the left. Additionally, both palms are facing upwards. The Dhyana mudra is also known as the meditation mudra because it can enhance concentration during meditation.

Alms Bowl

Practicing meditation, following the precepts and also the eight fold noble path are integral to the Dharma teachings of the Buddha. As a result of diligent practice one can accumulate the 3 nectars. This Amitabha Buddha statue is also shown holding the alms bowl in the palm of his right hand. The bowl is believed to hold these 3 nectars that will eliminate the 3 poisons – ignorance, hatred and attachment. Click here to learn more about the symbolism of Amitabha statues.

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has highly symbolic importance in Buddhist beliefs. As a result, Amitabha sits in a full lotus pose on a double lotus pedestal. A lotus flower is significant because in it’s natural environment it grows out of the murky pond bottom and blossoms above the dirty water in the clean air. This is similar to the original Buddha navigating the sea of suffering (existence) and rising above the murky defilements to become an enlightened being.

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