Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Front
Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Front Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Right Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Front Detail Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Left Partly Gold Gilded 8.75" Aparmita Statue (w/Consort) - Back

Partly Gold Gilded 8.75″ Aparmita Statue w/Consort, Handmade Tsepame

SGD 1,399.00 SGD 799.00

Statue Identity: Aparmita, Tsepame, Amitayus
Product Dimensions: Height: 8.75″ Width: 6.25″ Depth: 4″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Partly Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: Approx. 3000 grams

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Our Aparmita statue with consort is depicted in full lotus pose sitting on a single lotus pedestal. Additionally, Aparmita holds the ambrosia vessel on his lap and it is filled with the nectar of immortality. The ambrosia vase sits in the palm of his right hand. The hands of Aparmita are depicting the Dhyana or “meditation” mudra. This mudra is very significant in Buddhism because it is believed to enhance concentration during the practice of meditation.

Additional features of our Aparmita statue include the elegantly carved crown and jewels of the bodhisattva. Also, Aparmita is featured with the ushnisha topknot. The crown and jewels can be fitted with turquoise and coral stones at the request of the buyer.

Longevity Rituals of Aparmita Statues

Our Aparmita statue with consort has a very close affiliation with Amitabha Buddha. This is because Aparmita is the sambhogakaya embodiment of Amitabha when he is appearing as his longevity attribute. As a result, an Aparmita statue is usually the centerpiece of longevity rituals that are performed for devotees who wish for longer life.

As part of the ritual, a replica of his ambrosia vase is filled with consecrated wine. Additionally, small pills that are made of buttered dough are included as part of the ritual. These pills are to be consumed with the wine during the ritual. However, for the ritual to be effective devotees must have unequivocal faith in the legitimacy of the ritual and of Amitabha’s longevity attribute. Click here to learn more about the Amitabha Buddha.

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