Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Front Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Right Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Left Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Face Detail Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Statue - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 13″ Green Tara Statue (24k Gold)

SGD 1,999.00 SGD 1,129.00

Statue Identity: Green Tara, Varada + Abhaya Mudras
Product Dimensions
: Height: 13″, Width: 9.5″, Depth: 6.5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fully Gold Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: 4000 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollars


Our Green Tara statue represents the most popular depiction of Tara. Additionally, the color green represents speed and agility. As a result, Green Tara is depicted with her right leg partially extended. Green Tara encourages devotees to be free from dogmatism and embrace new concepts.

Our Green Tara statue will encourage both male and female devotees. However, she is an especially significant figure to female Buddhists. This is because Tara has refused to be reincarnated as a male because she feels that there are too few female Buddhas. Additionally, she has chosen to remain a bodhisattva until females are more equally represented.

Green Tara Statue Features

This Green Tara statue prominently features her blue hair. Tibetan Buddhists believe that the color blue is very significant. As a result, by meditating on the color blue devotees can overcome anger, ill will and aversion. Additionally, it is possible to transform these defilements into wisdom. 

Additionally, our Green Tara is elegantly depicted with 2 lotus flowers that blossom over her shoulders. The stems of the lotus flowers are gently held between the index finger and thumb in each hand. The lotus flower is very significant in Buddhist belief. This is because the lotus begins it’s life as a seed planted into the muddy bottom of a pond. The flower then grows through the muddy water and rises above the surface to portray a beautiful blossom.

This analogy is significant because it encourages devotees to practice diligently in order to rise above the sea of suffering. By acquiring insight wisdom the devotees can rise above the defilements and achieve enlightenment. As a result, they too will rise above the murky temptations of samsara and blossom in the pure air. Additionally, the pink lotus flower is a symbol that represents the original Buddha. Learn more about the Green Tara.

Special Adornments at your Request

Our Nepali master artisan created our beautiful Green Tara statue with the jewelry and crown of a Bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of this Green Tara statue with turquoise and red stones. At no extra charge, the skilled artisan can embellish the statue with special decoration before delivery.

The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes her readiness to act. She wears it well and will inspire all those who lay their eyes on her statue.

Fully Gold Gilded 13" Green Tara Buddha Statue - Satisfaction Guarantee