Fully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statue (Made in Nepal) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statue (Made in Nepal) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statue (Made in Nepal) - Right Fully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statue (Made in Nepal) - Left Fully Gold Gilded 16" VajrasattvFully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statues (Made in Nepal) - Backa Buddha Statues - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 16″ Vajrasattva Statue (Handmade in Patan, Nepal)

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Statue Identity: Vajrasattva Statue
Product Dimensions: Height: 16″, Width: 11.5″, Depth: 7.5″

Production Method: Lost Wax method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Fully Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 8000 grams
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our Nepali master artisan created our beautiful Vajrasattva statue with the jewelry and crown of a Bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of the statue with turquoise or red stones. At no extra charge, the skilled artisan can embellish the statue with these special decorations before delivery.

The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes their readiness to act. Additionally, devotees meditating on the color red can transform anger into wisdom. This Vajrasattva statue will wear the adornments very well and they will inspire all those who lay their eyes on your new statue.

Vajrasattva is the “Subtle Body of Limitless Form”

Depending on the geographical region, Vajrasattva statues are considered to be both a Bodhisattva (Mahayana) and also a Buddha (Tibetan Buddhism). Vajrasattva is described as a “subtle body of limitless form”. Therefore, he can theoretically appear as any form necessary to relieve the suffering of sentient life. Additionally, Vajrasattva is one of the 3 Buddha bodies known as the “Trikaya”. The body he represents is called “Sambhogakaya”.

Although Vajrasattva carries an esoteric meaning he is generally considered to be the crown ruler of all the Buddha families and mandalas. Therefore, Vajrasattva is associated with purification and compassion. Click here to view our world class gold gilded Vajrasattva statue.

Vajrasattva Vows of Compassion

The compassion of our Vajrasattva statue runs very deep. In fact, while on the path to enlightenment Vajrasattva is accredited with making grand statements about compassion. For example, he said that all those who have violated samaya or violated the “5 crimes with immediate retribution” should be completely absolved of their transgressions simply by hearing his name or by reciting the Vajrasattva mantra. Additionally, Vajrasattva said he wished to “remain without awakening” until this was brought about.

Vajrasattva Mantra

In addition to compassion, the veneration of Vajrasattva statues will purify karma and bring about enlightened activity. This is enhanced with the recitation of the Vajrasattva mantra. There is both a truncated 6 syllable Vajrasattva short mantra and a much longer 100 syllable version. In fact, after the September 11 attacks on NYC it was attempted to get 1 billion Buddhists worldwide to recite the 6 syllable Vajrasattva short mantra. The 6 syllable version is as follows:

“Om Vajrasattva Hum”

Fully Gold Gilded 16" Vajrasattva Statue