Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Front Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Back Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Left Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Right

Fully Gold Gilded 10″ Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue

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Statue Identity: Crowned Amitabha, Dhyana Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 10″, Width: 7″, Depth: 4.5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Full 24k Gold Gilding
Shipping Weight: 3500 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollar


Our Amitabha Buddha statue was created in Patan, Nepal using the traditional lost wax method. The secrets of this cast metal sculpting technique have long been protected within the family castes of Nepal. As a result, when you receive your hand crafted Amitabha Buddha statue you will immediately know that it is a special work of metal art made by the best craftsman in the world. Additionally, the highly respected craftsmanship of the Nepali artisans has made Nepal the preferred source of the Tibetan Monasteries for sculptures and ritual items. As a result, when you purchase this Amitabha statue you can rest assured you have procured a world class statue.

Special Adornments for Your Amitabha Statue

Our Nepali master artisan created our beautiful Amitabha Buddha statue with the jewelry and crown of a Bodhisattva. At the request of the buyer, we would be happy to adorn the crown and jewels of the statue with turquoise or red stones. At no extra charge, we can embellish the statue with these special decorations before delivery.

The color turquoise is a special combination of blue and green. Indeed, blue signifies the purity of the Buddhas and green symbolizes their readiness to act. Additionally, devotees meditating on the color red can transform the poison of attachment into the wisdom of discernment. The color red is often worn by other deities to pay tribute to Amitabha Buddha. This Amitabha statue will wear the adornments very well and they will inspire all those who lay their eyes on your new statue.

Meaning of our Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue

The Amitabha meaning is translated as “infinite light”. This honorable name was given to him because of the infinite merit that he accumulated as a Bodhisattva named Dharmakara. Therefore, the gleaming light in our Amitabha Buddha statue is a reflection of his true meaning. The light beckons you to progress in meditation and come to his pure land Sukhavati. Additionally, Sukhavati holds the sonorous and visual delights which will entice devotion and dedication from Buddhists worldwide.

Amitabha’s Pure Land Sukhavati

While in the earthly realm as Dharmakara, Amitabha was a prince who renounced his kingdom to pursue a life of austerity. As a result, Dharmakara accumulated infinite merit and eventually achieved Buddhahood and he resides in his Pure Land Sukhavati. Amitabha invites everyone to join him in his pure land and he makes it accessible to all walks of life. As a result, in the “Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life” it is proclaimed that devotees only need to recite his name 10 times to gain entry into Sukhavati. Click here to learn more about Amitabha Buddha and his Pure Land.

Dhyana Mudra & Alms Bowl

Our Amitabha Buddha statue sits in the Dhyana mudra also known as the “meditation mudra”. Therefore, his hands sit in his lap, the right hand resting in the palm of the left. Additionally, Amitabha holds an alms bowl also known as a “Gulpa” or rice bowl. The bowl symbolizes overcoming attachment and desire for earthly possessions. The Amitabha Buddha statue is a common feature in temples. However, a statue in your own home will create inspiration and foster dedication.

Amitabha Mantra

Recite the Amitabha mantra in hopes of entering his Pure Land of Sukhavati. The Sanskrit version of the Amitabha Buddha mantra goes “Om Amitabha Hrih” and it is easy to remember and incorporate into your practice. The Tibetan version of the Amitabha mantra goes as “Om Amideva Hrih”.

Amitabha Buddha Mantra:

“Om Amitabha Hrih”

Fully Gold Gilded 10" Crowned Amitabha Buddha Statue - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  1. fmsnyder (verified owner)

    Spectacular representation of Amitabha. The radiance and presence of this Buddha make it a perfect addition to my devotional altar. The craftsmanship for this piece was unparalleled.. The artisans certainly endowed this Buddha with a beautiful radiation of peace, so much so that I thought the Buddha had been consecrated beforehand. I am grateful this beautiful statue is now in my home. I received this statue only 3 business days after I ordered it directly from Nepal. Excellent experience..

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