Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Right Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Left Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Face Detail Fully Gold Gilded 9.5" Manjushri Statue On Sale (Antiquated) - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 9.5″ Manjushri Statue On Sale, Embedded Turquoise Stones

SGD 1,899.00 SGD 1,149.00

Statue Identity: Manjushri, Sword of Wisdom, Abhaya Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 9.5″ Width: 7.5″ Depth: 5″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fully Gilded, Embedded Stones
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold, Turquoise
Shipping Weight: Approx. 2500 grams

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Manjushri translates as “Gentle Glory” in Sanskrit. Additionally, Manjushri is believed to be the bodhisattva counterpart and the embodiment of wisdom who accompanied the primordial Buddha. This Manjushri statue wields a flaming sword in his right hand that signifies that wisdom and analysis will always annihilate ignorance. The triumph of wisdom over ignorance is the omnipresent theme throughout Buddhist teachings. Thus, the “sword” of wisdom is an effective weapon needed to stop the endless cycle of rebirth and suffering.

Also please note, in his left hand the Manjushri statue is holding the stem of a blue lotus between his thumb and index finger. The lotus is believed to be surmounted by the book of transcendent wisdom.

Youthful Manjushri Statue on Sale

Our Manjushri statue on sale features the youthfulness that is commonly associated with him. However, this does not indicate that he is merely a youth. Instead it is believed that an enlightened being will see the world from a refreshed perspective. Therefore, one who obtains insight knowledge will see the world anew and be reborn. The youthful features and association with wisdom make the Manjushri statue a popular selection among students. 

The Mantra of Manjushri

Manjushri is also highly associated with the Manjushri Mantra “om arapacana dhih”. The association is so strong that he is also known by the name “Arapacana”. The Manjushri mantra Tibetan pronunciation has a slight deviation “om a ra pa tsa na d+hih”. The Manjushri mantra benefits will enhance your ability to debate, memorize, read, write and absorb knowledge. Thus, it may enhance the academic performance of students.

“om a ra pa tsa na d+hih”

Manjushri is a Meditation Deity

In Vajrayana Buddhism Manjushri is a meditation deity who is considered to be a fully enlightened Buddha. This is a typical variation in the significance of Buddhist deities. As a result, in some beliefs the deity is a Bodhisattva and in others he is a Buddha. Therefore, Manjushri is considered to be both a Buddha statue and also a bodhisattva statue. Click here to learn more about the rich history of Manjushri.      

Majushri statues

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