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Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Gallery Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Upper Front Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Right Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Left Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Front Detail Fully Gold Gilded 18" Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - Back

Fully Gold Plated 18″ Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Exquisite Details)

SGD 4,799.00 SGD 2,599.00

Statue Identity: Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Bhumisparsha Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 45cm, Width: 32cm, Depth: 20cm

Production Method: Lost Wax Method, Fully Gilded
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, 24k Gold
Shipping Weight: 9000 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollars (Contact me for USD payment options)


Our beautiful Shakyamuni Buddha statue represents the most venerable Buddha of our time era. Shakyamuni is the original Buddha, also known as a Sammasambuddha. This is because he was the original Buddha who discovered the Dharma path and obtained access to Nirvana. Additionally, he chose to teach the Dharma to sentient beings. As a result, all subsequent Buddhas and the sangha have followed in his footsteps.

Many of his original disciples went on to achieve miraculous deeds. Nonetheless, Shakyamuni Buddha is the father of the original Buddhist ideology for our kalpa. As a result of its subsequent acceptance and popularity it has spread far from it’s origins. Indeed, the original teachings of the Buddha gave rise to Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Mudras

In honor of his achievements this masterpiece Shakyamuni Buddha statue is depicted in the Bhumisparsha “earth touching” mudra. This is because it celebrates overcoming temptations from worldly pleasures presented to him by the demon Mara. As a result of the attacks of the demon Mara, Shakyamuni called on the earth goddess as a witness.

In response to his beckoning she indeed came to witness the ineffectiveness of Mara’s futile efforts. Therefore, she washed away the demon and Shakyamuni became the first enlightened being of our time. However, Shakyamuni did not leave his followers behind. Instead, he stayed with them to help others follow the path to enlightenment.

The Buddha instructs us to use meditation to gain mental and spiritual strength. Only after gaining the necessary temperament and strength can we face down our inner demons. Therefore, in his left hand he is depicting the Dhyana or meditation mudra. The back of the hand lies gently in his lap. Additionally, the alms bowl of a Buddhist monk is in the palm of his hand. This bowl holds the three nectars which will eliminate the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance. Click here to learn more about Shakyamuni Buddha.

Lotus Pedestal Symbolism

This 18″ fully 24k gold gilded Shakyamuni Buddha statue sits in full lotus pose on a single lotus pedestal. The lotus flower is a symbol of Shakyamuni Buddha because the Buddha rose above the vicissitudes of samsara to obtain enlightenment. Metaphorically speaking, the lotus grows from the bottom of a pond to rise out of the muddy water and blossom in the clean air and sunshine.

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