Fully Gold Gilded 6" Manjushri Statue (Antiquated) - Front
Fully Gold Gilded 6" Manjushri Statue (Antiquated) - Front Fully Gold Gilded 6" Manjushri Statue (Antiquated) - Right Fully Gold Gilded 6" Manjushri Statue (Antiquated) - Left Fully Gold Gilded 6" Manjushri Statue (Antiquated) - Back

Fully Gold Gilded 6″ Manjushri Statue (Antiquated)

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Statue Identity: Manjushri Statue, Abhaya Mudra
Product Dimensions: Height: 6″, Width: 4″

Production Method: Lost Wax Method
Production Materials: Copper Alloy, Fully 24k Gold Gilded
Shipping Weight: 1000 grams approx.
Currency: Singapore Dollar

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Our 6″ Manjushri statue was hand crafted using the lost wax method. As a result, our Manjushri statues rise above the crowd due to their handmade precision and attention to fine detail. Due to the high quality, the Nepali statues are considered to be the best in the world. Additionally, they have been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for centuries. Therefore, when you purchase one of our statues you can rest assured you have procured a Buddha statue of monastic quality.

Manjushri is a Mahayana Buddhist deity that is highly associated with wisdom. This form of wisdom is not possible to acquire from book learning. Instead, devotees are required to practice meditation and learn from the realization of their spiritual goals. If so, they will become imbued with the ability to see into a divine world.

The basis of our Manjushri statue arises from the Prajnaparamita Sutra. Prajnaparamita is a Sanskrit word that translates as “perfected wisdom” in English. Additionally, Manjushri wields the sword of wisdom over his right shoulder. He is symbolically displaying the triumph of wisdom over ignorance. However, it is not a display of brute force. Instead, it represents the gentle annihilation of ignorance. The objective is to overcome the darkness of ignorance with the light of insight knowledge.

Over his left shoulder a lotus flower grows and the Prajnaparamita Sutra is sitting inside the blossom. Additionally, Manjushri holds the stem of the lotus flower between his thumb and index finger. This Manjushri statue sits in full lotus pose on a single lotus pedestal and he is wearing the jewels and crown of a venerable Bodhisattva.

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