Shakyamuni Buddha Thangkas

Shakyamuni Buddha is the founder and leader of Buddhism in our era. As a result, Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka paintings are very valuable for art collectors and practitioners. The famous thangka painters of Patan, Nepal are world renown creators of Tibetan Buddhist art. As a result, when you purchase one of our Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka paintings you can rest assured you have procured a monastic quality item. Shakyamuni Buddha is depicted in classic Bhumisparsha mudra seated in full lotus pose. This famous mudra was used to call the earth goddess to witness the Buddha vanquish the demon Mara. Since that great day in Buddhism, he has been known as Shakyamuni Buddha and he is the Buddha of our time. The importance of thangka painting is that it can assist practitioners with their spiritual realization. As a result, our Nepali painters are careful to abide by the strict guidelines of Tibetan Buddhism.

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