Chenrezig Tibetan Thangkas

The most beautiful depictions of Avalokiteshvara are found in our Chenrezig thangka paintings. Chenrezig is depicted with all the traditional symbols, mudras and postures. These depictions are laced in 24k gold detail. Therefore, they would be included in the most conservative thangka painting tutorial. In his upper right hand he always holds the 108 mantra beads because he is constantly reciting the Chenrezig mantra. Additionally, in his upper left hand he holds the stem of the lotus blossom between his index finger and thumb. The lotus blossom is a symbol for Nirvana and encourages devotees to have faith in their practice. Also, his lower left hands are pressed together in front of his chest with the wish fulfilling cintamani jewel held between them. This precious jewel is believed to grant devotees any wish they desire. Buy the best authentic Chenrezig Thangka paintings online from Buddha Statues Now.    

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