Amitabha Buddha Thangkas

Amitabha Buddha is highly venerated in both Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism. The teachings of Tibetan Buddhism spread throughout the Himalayan states beginning in the 8th century. As a result, high quality Amitabha Buddha Tibetan thangka paintings were created in Patan, Nepal at the Kathmandu Tibetan thangka painting schools. Each thangka painting is true to the standards of Tibetan Buddhism and it can be used for your diligent standards of practice. These Amitabha Buddha thangka paintings are traditional Tibetan art forms. Additionally, Nepal has been the preferred source of supply for the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. Amitabha Buddha is depicted in traditional full lotus pose displaying the Dhyana mudra with a alms bowl resting in his lap. Also, all of our Amitabha Tibetan Thangka paintings are detailed in 24k gold. Therefore, when you purchase one of our Amitabha Thangkas you can rest assured that you have purchased a monastic quality Tibetan thangka for sale.

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