The Handmade Buddha Statues at Golden Buddha

It is my objective to help you procure the best handmade Buddha statues. As a result, you will gain inspiration, peace and tranquility in your life. The designs and quality of our authentic gold gilded Buddha statues are found in the most renown Buddhist temples throughout Asia. Additionally, our sales gallery can accommodate the preferences of anyone seriously interested in Buddhist art. Our selection consists of the entry level small Buddha statue price to the most sophisticated golden Buddha statue.

We have taken account of the variations in Buddha statue decor and we endeavor to cater to the preferences of all the schools of Buddhism. Additionally, we offer a wide selection that we hope will satisfy all levels of practitioner. Therefore, classic Buddha statues are not all we offer. Our selection is supplemented with world class bodhisattva statues and also ritual items.

Furthermore, our gallery is filled with authentic Nepali Buddha statues that enjoy a long standing international reputation. Indeed, Nepal is the home of traditional lost wax sculpting which has become the national heritage. As a result, our selection of traditional gold gilded Buddha statues is world renown and it will meet the standards of the most sophisticated international art collector.

The Buddha statues meaning reveals identities that span throughout the history of Buddhism. Their appeal and design ranges from conservative to very progressive. As a result, Tibetan monasteries have long sought after the best Buddha statues. The extravagance of handmade gold gilded Buddha statues requires exquisite skill and detail. Indeed, each gold gilded Buddha statue is completed using the fire gilding method which leaves a 24k pure gold residual finish. The statue will remain tarnish free indefinitely and last for many lifetimes.

Gain Inspiration from Buddha Statues

There is some of confusion in the world about the use of Buddha statues. In traditional Buddhism, a statue of the Buddha is not an object of worship. Instead it is a symbol that offers a sense of direction or a focus point for meditation.

A fat Buddha statue is inspirational because it will inspire you with Buddhist virtue. Indeed, the objective for Buddhists is to follow the Dharma path to enlightenment. This does not necessarily entail worshiping an almighty god which is the norm in Abrahamic religions.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get confused when selecting the right type of statue for home. Alas, there are many different variations and meanings. The most significant identity is of course the depiction of the real Buddha.

However, there are many, many different Buddhas and bodhisattvas that are depicted in Buddhist sculpture. Although some statues that are widely referred to as “Buddhas” are not actually Buddhas! The most common of these misperceptions surrounds the laughing Buddha statue.

Indeed, a statue of a bodhisattva is technically not a Buddha statue. This is because a bodhisattva is someone who has elected to delay their entry to Nirvana. This is on account of a personal vow to remain in the cycle of rebirth and assist sentient life. On the other hand, an authentic Buddha state depicts a fully enlightened being.